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Arise College of the Bible international (ACBI) was established in 2018 as a response to the great need, in the western region of Gambella, Ethiopia, for biblical training and teaching for pastors and church leaders. Since the establishment of ACBI in 2018 and up until COVID-19 closed borders and travel, we have firmly established Biblical training for hundreds of pastors and leaders.

The pastors and church leaders in this area require Biblical training and discipleship. The vast majority cannot afford to travel, live and attend full-time Bible School. These pastors are generally poor, have families, and need to support them as they desperately try to fulfill their call and destiny. ACBI takes the training to the pastors where they live. Teachers travel to various towns, villages, and regions to conduct seminar-style classes as well as overseeing the writing of exams, evaluating assignments, and the progress of practical ministry requirements. Pastors and leaders can continue to serve and care for their people while learning, growing, and maturing spiritually. Our internationally recognized series of classes and courses that have been developed through years of research and study.

Please prayerfully consider how you can help ACBI spread God’s word to His people.