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We bring Biblical Training to the pastors and church leaders.

Many pastors and church leaders have little or no biblical training, but are answering the call of God. It is impossible for them to leave their town or village for an extended period of time and travel to a far away Bible college to get the training. Every year we hold a pastors and church leaders training seminar and where we bring in pastors and church leaders from all over for 5 days of intensive seminar style training.  For seven plus hours a day, they become students and learn from experienced international Bible teachers teaching from an internationally recognized four year degree program. Those wishing to gain credit towards a certificate, diploma or degree must complete required components after the training is completed. These components consist of written assignments as well as practical church ministry components such as church planting, community evangelism, formation of small groups, pastoral ministry etc. that is done with the supervision of the local leadership teams. This hands on training equips pastors and leader to take it back to their congregations and begin teaching, preaching and implementing it immediately.


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